First of all, let’s be honest 95% of men and 72% of women will read this article only to feel good about what they do behind closed doors.

If you’ve spent your life waiting for science to give you a reason to enjoy your time a little more than usual, it’s time to stop waiting to get that, because according to Asab Saynes AsapSCIENCE, the best way to help yourself is to do something useful.

Despite the many rumors that masturbation leads to infertility and even blindness, a lot of research has been done to check it out.

Basically, masturbation increases the secretion of dopamine-a neurotransmitter that activates (fun center) in the brain, and androfins that reduce the feeling of pain.
In fact, this means for women to relieve the pain of uterine cramps during menstruation. In addition to secreting the prolactin hormone that helps them to drown in sleep.

For men, the benefit is greater, with a high rate of ejaculation related to the reduction of factors inducing prostate cancer. Scientists have not been able to determine the cause yet, perhaps because ejaculation helps to rid the prostate of carcinogenic factors.

But that’s not the only reason why humans and animals have to masturbate. This process appears to be a waste of sperm and energy, but studies have shown the opposite, a strategy that improves sperm fitness by systematically expelling older sperm.

But while masturbation is a successful muscle training experience that does not obviate your need for sex with a real partner, be sure you have a special strategy about it.
Also explain the members (Asab Science asapscience), that you don’t own (blend of your techniques),

It is possible that you will not be raised to other sexual stimuli with the partner.

So what you do in your time is your business, but be aware that if you want to feel a little excitement, don’t worry, science always supports you.


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