How to take a Screen Shot of a computer

Importance of Askin Shout

1. Where it has many beneficial benefits in information technology where it can impose the work of Askrin for a problem so that it can impose another solution to that problem

2. Copy to many images that have been placed in a way that can not be copied, which is combined with a certain script, because the image is not stolen.

3. Through which to provide many technical explanations that require technical efforts in this world, such as providing technical content attracts the viewer and at the same time is as simple as images taken through the screen

4. It is also used in uncovering the facts by filming the chat to clarify what can not be denied, so follow the explanation

How to take a Screen shot of a computer

 * There are many explanations about this and we will show you today two ways will make it easier for you pictures taken by the screen to show you what is useful this

1. You have to go to the site where you want to take the aspirin from it
How to take a Screen Shot of a computer

How to take a hacker out of a computer

2. Click on the button on the keyboard which is print screen

3. After this process go to paint

4. Click on the two buttons together ctrl + v within the program

5. You will see the required picture

Press two buttons together, ctrl + s

6. Select a place to save

As for the second way:

How to take a Screen Shot of a computer

1. Press the Start button from the keyboard with the print key or another name ins imp You will notice that there is a flash on the screen and so you have completed the process

2. Go to This pc or My computer Open the picture file Note that the image has been saved in this file

* If you have reached this stage of the ring now you have reached the end of the explanation

* Be sure that you learn with us lessons and courses in a simplified and distinctive Jgp professionals and innovators

I leave you in the care of God and security was with you Mohammed Salah from the Code of Digital Technology and to meet

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