Create a Gmail account to get many services from websites 

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How to Create a Gmail Account

Importance of working Gmail account

1. It helps you to register in various different locations

2. Participation in various services

3. Be able to make comments and comments in different videos

4. Be able to make comments and comments in various entries

5. Receive videos from the channels you have subscribed to

6. Use it in the play market and download different applications

Create a Gmail account to get many services from websites

1. Open the browser you want to use

Create a Gmail account

2. Write in the search engine

Create a Gmail account3. Press on the Login button

Create a Gmail account4. Then click Create Account

Create a Gmail account5. See below and complete the data

Create a Gmail account * 1. Type your personal name or name here

* 2. Complete the name of your name or writing the name of the father

* 3. Write here any form you want to write with, for example IAmTheBest Do not write the name accompanied by @ because it writes automatically

* 4. Type your password here and you must be from Capital Capital and the last one and letters like IAmTheBest167

* 5. Write your password again here

* 6. Type here birthday

* 7. Type here the month of birth

* 8. Write here the year of birth and it is better to choose the oldest age where not accept the young age

* 9. Type here male or female

* 10. Type your mobile number here whether it’s a personal phone or a home phone

* 11. Leave this blank

* 12. Select your location from which country you are

* 13. Click on the next step

Create a Gmail account

    * 14. Press the OK button

*15. Type the phone number here

* 16. Press the Continue button

* 17. Wait for the text message or voice message containing the code

5. The account creation process was successful

* Please appreciate this effort and our support to participate in the channel Digital technology

* Leave you in the care of God and security was with you Mohammed Salah from the code Digital Technology to see you in the spoiler of technical videos and meet

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