Audio outage in your computer

What is the problem? Failed To Play Test Tone

Audio outage

* Is the problem of audio outage on the device

People ‘s opinions solve the problem

* The first solution

1. Go to the Start menu

Go to the Run menu

3. Writing services.msc

4. Choose Windows Audio

5. Right-click the mouse

6. Choose Restart

 Audio outage

* I did all those steps, but it happened that the work of Restart, but without any argument was not an ideal solution to the problem of know people worked for him, but can solve the problem for some people and God knows

* The second solution

1. Go to the Start menu

2. Click Run

3. Type Cmd

4. Open it with addictive properties

5. Type sfc / scannow

6. Wait for the files to be checked


* I did all those steps but unfortunately the files were checked without any defect was not an ideal solution to the problem

How to solve the problem Failed To Play Test Tone

1. Go to the Start menu

2. Right-click on My Computer or This PC according to the version available

3. Select Properties

4. Click Device Manager

5. Right-click the left mouse button on Sound Video And Game Controllers

6. Right-click on the High Definition Audio Device

7. Choose Uninstall

8. Select a correct mark

9. Click Yes

10. Wait 5 seconds

11. Click Action

12. Choose Scan For Hardware Changes

* After these steps are likely to happen two things

1. The sound card is automatically redefined

2. Restart the recording and prepare the sound card automatically

How originally got the problem

* People who work in the registry

1. By resetting the sound frequency of the headset more than once

2. Reset the microphone frequency more than once

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I leave you in the care of God and was safe with you Mohamed Salah of the code and Digital Technology to the meeting

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